@studentesONquarantine - Stress, Coping, Psychological Well-Being and Hope in Nursing Students during Quarantine by Covid-19

1. Starting point

The current pandemic by Covid19 forced the adoption of a set of measures to preserve life. In this context, the quarantines restricted social contacts and enforced home confinement. Under those circumstances, the higher education students were obliged to adapt to distance learning methods. So, similarly to other citizens, they were “forced” to adjust to this crisis context.

2. What we want

In this context, the present study aims to assess the consequences of the mandatory quarantine resulting from Covid19, and the transition to distance learning for students in the nursing degree course from Portugal and Spain. The impact of this situation on the perceived Stress level, type of Coping adopted, Psychological Well-being and Hope will be assessed.

3. Who is involved

with this intention This project has four partner institutions: Escola Superior de Enfermagem São José de Cluny (Coordination of the study); Lisbon Institute of Health Sciences- Catholic University of Portugal; Escola Superior de Saúde de Santa Maria and Universidad Católica de Valencia. We will also have three collaborating institutions: Health School of Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Health School of University of the Azores and Nursing School of University of Évora.

4. What will we do

Afterwards, t will be a multi-centred, cross-sectional, descriptive-correlational study with an estimated sample of 900 students from each country, belonging to the institutions envolved in the study. Data will be collected through an online survey.

5. What we would like to do on top of this

In the end, this study aims to understand the real experience of students in confinement. So that it will be possible subsequently, test the effectiveness of an online relaxation program to promote well- being and mental health.

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Mental Health, Students, Higher Education, Nursing, Diagnosis.

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Madeira, Azores, Lisbon, Porto, Leiria, Évora and Valencia.


Escola Superior de Enfermagem São José de Cluny (coordenação da investigação), Instituto de Ciências da Saúde da Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Pólo Lisboa (parceiro), Escola Superior de Saúde de Santa Maria (parceiro), Universidad Católica de Valencia, Escola Superior de Saúde do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (colaborador), Escola Superior de Saúde da Universidade dos Açores (colaborador), Escola Superior de Enfermagem São João de Deus da Universidade de Évora (colaborador).



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