Diaries of a pandemic

The Diaries of a Pandemic (COVID-19) collect daily information, through online questionnaires (https://diariosdeumapandemia.inesctec.pt/), on the individual experiences of a large sample of people between 16 and 89 years of age. These participants agreed to provide information on how they are living their daily lives in the context of the pandemic, and on how they act with regard to a set of situations that may influence the course of the Epidemic in Portugal. From a technical point of view, the Diaries of a Pandemic can be seen and analysed as a longitudinal study (a panel survey), with daily follow-up of a dynamic sample of participants. Due to its design, it allows for the estimation of the incidence rate of a wide set of new events, measured in relation to the experience of risk in person-time units. Questionnaires cover the following topics: 1. Test, diagnosis and symptoms; 2. Healthcare use; 3. High-risk contacts; 4. Daily activities; 5. Psychological well-being; and 6. Eating habits and physical activity.

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Website of the Diaries of a pandemic study (here), webpage with study results (here)


Public health, epidemiology, population-based study, panel survey, health and behavioural survey, follow-up

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Autores: Henrique Barros, em nome da Task Force ISPUP/INESC TEC (Ana Cristina Santos, Ana Isabel Ribeiro, Artur Rocha, Carla Lopes, Daniela Correia, Elisabete Ramos, Gonçalo Gonçalves, Joana Araújo, Makram Talih, Margarida Tavares, Milton Severo, Nuno Lunet, Paula Meireles, Raquel Lucas, Rui Camacho, Sílvia Fraga, Sofia Correia, Susana Silva, Teresa Leão e Henrique Barros)


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