INL | Manufacturing of protective face shields for donation

INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, is using its laser-cutting equipment to produce protective face shields, which are now being donated to several public and social institutions in Portugal and Spain to protect their front-line personnel against possible infection by the new coronavirus.

Volunteers from INL are working shifts to maintain this temporary production during the coming weeks.  They have also prepared a video explaining how these are fabricated, disinfected, and mounted.

A first batch of 1200 units was distributed to hospitals, nursing homes, and other social service institutions in the regions of Braga and Vigo.

face masks manufactured by laser cutting

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INL Face Shields against COVID-19 news and video


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Headquarters in Braga, Portugal
With representation in: Scandinavia, Israel, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Austin, Boston, and Brussels.


Hospital de Braga, Hospital de Guimarães, Hospital Alvaro Cunqueiro (Vigo)

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