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FCCN provides several services for collaboration, knowledge and distance learning, which are available to all institutions connected  to RCTS (Rede Ciência Tecnologia e Sociedade). These services can be extremely important in the current context of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, as tools that facilitate communication processes between teachers, researchers and students belonging to higher education institutions, public entities, associated laboratories and state laboratories.


Colibri is a collaboration service that allows remote meetings between two or more participants from the academic and scientific community, allowing meetings, group work, classes and tutorials to be conducted over the internet. FCCN provides support for the integration of this service with e-Learning tools used by institutions connected to RCTS.


  • Videoconferencing with audio, video and chat
  • Meetings with up to 300 participants
  • Screen sharing and whiteboard
  • Breakout rooms
  • Compatible with video conferencing terminals (H.323)
  • Recording of sessions (computer and cloud)
  • Compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Educast integration


Educast is a service that allows you to record, edit and publish educational videos on the web and for mobile devices. The final videos are available to students in several delivery formats (streaming, desktop and mobile). With Educast it is possible to record a lesson, upload it to a central server, edit videos online and publish them in a simplified way on the web.
The Educast Portal allows you to search for educational videos in different areas of knowledge. The platform currently has more than 29,000 videos available for visualisation.


  • Recording of educational videos (classes, workshops, events, tutorials)
  • Centralized content manager
  • Simultaneous capture of video, audio and slides
  • Web video editor
  • Publication in multiple formats (streaming, desktop and mobile)
  • Public portal with educational videos
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai, Canvas)
  • Controlled access to content via federated authentication (RCTSaai)


Videocast allows you to broadcast live video to the entire world, via the Internet, without advertisements or interruptions. The content is shared in a simple way, through a web page with integrated chat, being possible to share a class or training with all those who have access to the transmission link. The service is compatible with the main internet browsers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).


  • Live event streaming
  • Support page for creating and managing a video broadcast
  • Personalization of the presentation layout
  • Integration of video, presentation and chat
  • Automatic transcoding to mobile formats
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Statistics and real-time monitoring
  • Password-controlled access


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Colibri Website:

Educast Website:

Videocast Website:


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