P-BIO Pledge 4 COVID - Contribution of Portuguese Biotech Start-ups

“P-BIO Pledge 4 COVID” initiative has the aim of stimulating the participation of Portuguese Start-ups in Bioindustries area, in the global cooperation platform “Global Response to COVID-19”, which attracted about EUR 7.5bn to invest in 3 key areas: diagnostics, therapeutics/treatments and development of vaccines.

   1. Diagnostics – This area is fundamental until an efficient vaccine is available.  Portuguese scientific and technologic system already works in the development of tests and diagnostics, including the use of nanotechnologies. We are in an excellent position to contribute to the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND).

   2. Therapeutics/treatments – Portuguese industry is actively working in the production of essential components to antiviral medicine therapies. We are ready to increase our capability of production and contribute to COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator (ACT).

   3. Vaccines – Portuguese scientific community is ready to join efforts with global partners in The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation’s (CEPI) and The Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) – the colligation of preventive innovation against the pandemic. In a second moment, the Portuguese pharmaceutical industry will also be ready to join the international partnerships to produce the vaccine. 

P-BIO (Portugal’s Biotechnology Industry Organization) brought together the solutions presented by 14 national entities in response to COVID-19, to enhance Portuguese participation in the international partnerships that are emerging.


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