Mobile application to track COVID-19 contagion

STAYAWAY COVID is a system that, thanks to the voluntary participation of the population, supports the country in the screening of COVID-19. The mobile application is available for iOS and Android (free). Download available here.

The STAYAWAY COVID app can be installed on mobile phones and used to detect the physical proximity between smartphones, in order to inform users who have been in the same space as someone infected with the new coronavirus over the previous 14 days. Thanks to this information, users can promptly request a diagnosis for the infection, even before the occurrence of any symptoms.

When a user is diagnosed with COVID-19, and after his/her permission, the codes he/she has broadcast over the previous 14 days will be publicly shared via an official server. This way, the application helps others by alerting and notifying them about their contact with someone infected with the virus. This process takes places without ever revealing the identity of the users involved.

In this sense, and thanks to STAYAWAY COVID, each citizen is informed, in a simple and totally safe way, about the possibility of contagion, taking into account the monitoring of previous contacts. If everyone uses the application, it will be a valuable and decisive ally to curb the progression of COVID-19, especially since there is no vaccine to treat this disease.

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