Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing

PEPP-PT was created to assist national initiatives by supplying ready-to-use, well-tested, and properly assessed mechanisms and standards, as well as support for interoperability, outreach, and operation when needed.

The PEPP-PT mechanisms will have these core features:

  1. Well-tested and established procedures for proximity measurement on popular mobile operating systems and devices.

  2. Enforcement of data protection, anonymization, GDPR compliance, and security.

  3. International interoperability to support tracing local infection chains even if a chain spans multiple PEPP-PT participating countries.

  4. Scalable backend architecture and technology that can be deployed with local IT infrastructure.

  5. Certification service to test and ensure local implementations use the PEPP-PT mechanisms in a secure and interoperable manner.

  6. Our reference implementation is available under the Mozilla License Agreement.

To find out more about the additional services we offer to support infrastructure and installation campaigns to enable country-specific applications, please download our Manifesto. 

The virus has spread quickly and knows no political boundaries. To bring it under control, we must act in the same manner; speed and international cooperation are essential to protect health, privacy, and the economy.

Find out more about our view of the current situation and why we believe proximity-tracing is the appropriate solution to resuming a normal life, opening our borders, and restarting the economy.

We invite all countries to participate and use what we have to offer. We are stronger together against SARS-CoV-2. Please contact us if you are interested in using our services or contributing.

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