Care & Industry together against CORONA

The current COVID-19 crisis activated worldwide many initiatives to support and help those who are in need mostly fragmented on a regional scale. Nevertheless we all are facing the same challenges and are looking for solutions in order to support the entire healthcare sector.

At the same time we have to prepare the necessary support following the outbreak. The proposals on this platform can be supportive for this  phase to.

The ‘Care & Industry together against CORONA’ platform aims to bring together all the different actors in Europe to

  • match offers and requests
  • share knowledges and approaches
  • give an overview of tailormade support in your own region

At ‘Care & Industry together against CORONA’, we offer the opportunity to make targeted and time-efficient contacts with all actors in healthcare, industry, academia and government. By means of an online platform, interested parties can present their profile.

To ensure a maximum of reliability and to avoid fraud and abuse the different profiles will be validated by regional E.E.N. organisations.

Main goals

  1. Gather and showcase initiatives, offers and needs on a short term
  2. Foster interaction between healthcare, industry, support organisations, government, academia and others
  3. Maximise the reliability of the proposals


  • Consumer Goods (Prevention/Diagnostics/Treatment/Rehabilitation)
  • Diagnostics (Biomedical/Medical Technology)
  • Emergency Medicine/Rescue Equipment
  • Hospital & Care Equipment
  • Hygiene, Sterilisation, Disinfection
  • Imaging
  • Information Technology
  • Communication Technology
  • Intensive Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Respiration
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Therapy & Physical Medicine
  • Gaming Technology
  • Leisure
  • Corona Measures & Support
  • Others

We invite you to participate on this platform, to choose the topic(s) for which you have or need a solution and find a partner to discuss and move on. For each region you also can find supporting service organisations on the marketplace.

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